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Williams Foundation Operational Scenario

August, 2012
"An indicative operational scenario describing the level of capability to which Australia should aspire" The Williams Foundation Operational Scenario is an unclassified operational concept for general use and at various Sir Richards Williams Foundation Seminars. It is referred to as the William Operational Scenario or WOS. View a PPT on the concept.

Williams on Strategy

February, 2012
The bombing of Darwin by Japan on February 19, 1942, killed at least 274 people and injured hundreds more (famously, more bombs were dropped than on Pearl Harbour). Until now the narrative has largely been one of courageous improvised defence - acts of heroism in a battle against overwhelming odds - counterpointed by a breakdown in military discipline that led to some servicemen going AWOL immediately after the raid.

Counterfeit COIN

February, 2011
The sine qua non for a successful military campaign is getting the strategy right. For more than half a century, Western defence forces have tried to conduct so-called ‘counter-insurgency’ (COIN) operations in a variety of countries. While the settings may have varied, the outcomes have not. Most notably in Vietnam and Iraq, and now in Afghanistan, COIN has proven to be a counterfeit concept.

Australian Military Strategy

February, 2011
Since Federation in 1901, Australia’s grand strategy has been to try to shelter under the umbrella of a great and powerful friend, first the United Kingdom, and then the United States.  None of those commitments required a distinctive Australian military strategy. Instead, our forces simply complied with the overall approach of our senior partner.

Control and Protect

September, 2010
For more than one hundred years Australian defence strategy has been based on so-called ‘expeditionary’ operations – that is, on wars of invasion. If we are going to learn anything from the disasters of the last fifty years in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, it should be that that model has become untenable. It has failed politically, socially, and militarily; and it has become ethically unacceptable.

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